VPN on router

I have been using your recommended VPN every since i started watching your show. I watch a lot of my netflix directly through a TV or console. I have successfully installed DD-WRT onto my router, and have the most current version of it for my router. That being said....

Going here https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/client-support/#ddwrt_pptp i follow their instructions to setup the VPN directly on the router. No Matter if i do PPTP or OpenVPN i follow the directions exactly but every time i enable it i loose internet connection. Their support is not really the best...they keep telling me i did something wrong (i double, triple, and re-triple check). Can you guys please let m eknow what setting or commands will work with putting this setup directly on a DD-WRT router so i can get VPN on all my devices? Thanks in advance!


Get the VPN edition of DD-WRT. Then it should work fine. The layout is different in the newer versions of DD-WRT but their are lots of totorials online on how to do it. But personally speaking a VPN is not optimal for gammimg and your ping times will be a lot higher.

I've tried doing this recently on my DD-wrt netgear router and had the same issue. then i realised that people in my house use the router for gaming and gave up to use the clients installed on the individual computers