VPN on iPad

Right now I'm on my school iPad, they have a lot of vpn's blocked through open DNS so if you know how to bypass the blocked websites, or just use a vpn, let me know, I've looked from a while but it seams like they have most of them blocked.

host your own openVPN server, and use that, that is what i do

Any idea on how to, I've always wondered if I could do so at home, but never really searched it up. (I have a few spare computers so I can do it)

Edit: I'm a deep, but thanks for your response, but I still would like to know how to make my own vpn. If you have A video or article, that'd be great.

if you have PfSense by any chance, setting up openVPN on it is really easy, its just a thing under the VPN menu, i might make a post on the forums about it once i get back home, i have never done it any other way tho.

right now i am on my shitty laptop that lags quite a bit so i wont go search for any good posts or tutorials, but some googling "openVPN pfsense guide" might bring you some good info, that is how i did it.

Ok, thanks for letting me know, I don't have pfsence downloaded, but I can check it out when I can. Networking has always interested me, but I can learn from things like this.