VPN is SLOWING my internet down! HELP?

I tried a VPN for 'ze gigles und le shytz'

Ever since installing it, google is slow and now facebook is slow.. Youtube also does not function properly with profiles missing their icons etc. The services i use the most are significantly slower since installing a vpn and only when I use a VPN is everything better. I decided to uninstall the VPN and go for another one but the problem persists.

Bottom line: I know the VPNs had something to do with it and even when I have properly removed any related software (to my knowledge) the problem persists (even on my other computer which uses a different operating system).

help? Is this really a thing? do VPN services cripple services in order to seem more appealing? I live in the UK where I am pretty sure ISPs do no slow stuff down and I doubt it is a coincidence that every started getting crippled the same day as I installed a VPN.

Info worth noting: CyberGhost VPN + GOM webVPN are what I have used (in that order)


  1. If you have a HTTPS everywhere extension or the like, disable/uninstall it.
  2. Boot off that tacky chrome extension (GOM webVPN) - would be doing more harm in regards to keeping you anonymous. Plus your RTT for packets will increase a shite load.

Just run the one VPN service - cyberghost (even though I personally think that you can do much better in terms of a better vpn service, ie PureVPN). Set encryption to a lower setting ~128bit is more than fine imho. 256 is ok if one has an uber fast connection like fibre.

Hope this helps.