VPN for faster Steam downloads?

Is this possible? How would I find out where the steam content is being downloaded from? This is all assuming my VPN has a location near where the steam content is being downloaded from. 


I use "private internet acess"


A VPN will only slow downloads and uploads. I'll save you the trouble, and tell you that the downloads are all coming from Valve's servers, with few or no mirrors, because when Steam is under "maintenance," everything is down.

can i route near there servers and perhaps get a few more mbps download time or would it be an insignificant difference?

Ipredator i have found the best for £15.00 for 3 months , A 3 day setup & try pass "if you request it via mail" no down time and no connection problems infact no isues at all. plus so many ways of paying bit coins , E-voucher , pay pal & the noraml debit/credit. And being in sweden swedish law applies to there servers & privacy laws are very strict. 

If your steam download speed is near your ISP expected download speed for your area, then no, switching to a VPN will only slow your network and increase pings.