VPN Discussion/Suggestion

Do you use a VPN? Why or why not? If you do use a VPN, what do you look for in a VPN service and which do you use?

I've been looking at Private Internet Access and from what I've read it seems like a good choice for me. I would mainly be using it for; public WiFi, torrents, and general privacy/security across multiple devices and OSs, Windows/Linux Desktop, Windows laptop, and an android phone. If anyone has any suggestions on a VPN service at a fair price that would better suite my purposes, please let me know.

I've been using a VPN for months now, overall I like it, it's good. There are just some websites that are really against them as users with the same IP issued from the VPN were banned for spammy type behavior. I've spoken with the moderators at those forums but there doesn't seem to be much they can do. They understand my dilemma.

Also Hulu HATES VPN's because apparently their deals with broadcasting companies requires them to ensure that only US residents can view their shows, and coming through a VPN disables their ability to verify that and so they just block your ability to use them. I wrote a complaint email to them, they responded with the typical customer service form letter and the nice way of saying to go copulate with myself.

At first even my power company wasn't letting me log on to their site unless I disconnected from the VPN, as I pay my bill through them it was a bit of a pain, but now it's hit or miss, sometimes I can, sometimes I can't log in, and not even log in the site itself won't even display if I'm on the VPN sometimes. I think it depends on the random IP that is issued, sometimes the IP is passable, other times it isn't, might go back to that spammy/scammy behavior issue some VPN users do.

For the record I use Private Internet Access as my VPN, 39.99 for a whole year seemed like a deal to me, which it is, but it does have it's shortcomings.

The two current go to VPN's iiin my opinion are Private Internet Access and IPVanish. Both have good privacy policies and hold no logs unlike purevpn. Read up on the options here

Im thinking to start use IPVanish.Any opinion about IPVanish?

I find their performance mediocur. Atleast their NZ server has terrible speeds and jitter. Their australian servers are 95% ok. But they still have an extra 10% latency compared to PIA. But thats in oceana so I dont know about elsewhere.