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VPN connection suddenly not working, and It's only from one end point

Dear level1 fellow and mister Wendell,
Hello, I’m here with a situation, and need guidance

I’m having a case because I’m using VPN, and my VPN connection is suddenly kind of did not work, it wouldn’t do the connection
I think I have try everything from resetting network, reinstall network driver, reset windows host file, a lot of restarting computer, change my network adapter DNS to cloud flare or even google still not working,
the last thing I’m not yet to try is reinstall my windows

But the thing is, when I turn off my VPN and not having any VPN connected, my internet connection is back to normal,
the weird this is, back in the day, this case usually somehow fix bit itself just by restarting computer, but today that it is not happening
And of course I try use VPN from smartphone from the same network, but it is fine, it’s VPN connected on the phone

oh yea, the error message I only have from windows event viewer is something like this
The server could not bind to the transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{2CC0228C-99CC-414B-8167-8BA193D7288C} because another computer on the network has the same name. The server could not start

I’m using windows10Pro, I have 3 set of VPN, switching between two VPN for daily internet use, and the other one VPN is for work, and usually I’m only use one VPN connection at a time

Last note, VPN for work is fine, but the other two VPN for daily internet is having trouble

Apology for any error of my bad English or typos,
sincere regards and thank you