VPN Confusion

Can a VPN, such as Private Internet Access, increase my download/upload speeds? And if so, will it increase speeds for all applications or just certain ones? I pay time warner cable $50 a month for 20Mbs down and 2Mbs up but get throttled down to fucking 2Mbs down and less than 1Mbs up. I have never downloaded anything at a faster rate than that but will a VPN help increase it? Is it possible for me to stop experiencing the torture of having to wait hours for my steam games and torrrents to download?

I use IP Vanish and it definitely slows downloads a little but video streaming becomes a nightmare. What works is me getting on the phone with AT&T and asking them why speed tests are showing that im getting half the speed im paying for, then they always tell me "Yea just go ahead and unplug your router to reset it....(while we turn off the throttle switch) and you should be good to go sir!"

A VPN should help with all traffic however you are aware the difference between Mb/s and MB/s? You are paying for 20 by 2 Mb/s, that is 2.5 by 0.25 MB/s

A VPN won't increase your speed unless you're being throttled in a way which can be avoided by a VPN. A VPN will always be slower than not using a VPN because it adds overhead.

This is true.

In your case its your ISP hindering your speed, but lets say it was a campus network and they throttled youtube or the various torrent ports. So In this scenario a VPN would increase your speed for those things that are being throttled as they cannot read into your packets to apply restrictions onto the traffic.