VPN, BitTorrent Client - Do I need one, which is best?

I'm in the UK and torrent occasionally. What VPN should I be using if I need one and what is a good BitTorrent Client? I currently use uTorrent but have heard some bad things about it. 

I used frootvpn.com easy to setup easy to disconnect. Great vpn unfortunatelly they went to a paid model like 2 weeks ago or so


do you know if they'd be any better than PIA?

I recommend to use your favorite version of utorrent. New ones are littered with ads, but you can easily find somehting like 2.2.1 (pre-adware) or 3.2.3 (ads can be disabled in options and there are repacks that have sequential download option).

I tried to find an alternative to utorrent, but couldn't. I tried all clients available for Windows and there's nothing better.

Even Deluge?

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FinchVPN and Tixati.

FinchVPN is great for general browsing, and perhaps gaming if the location is ideal. You can only use FinchVPN's NL server to torrent though. I checked out their legal and ToS, and it seems to check out fine. However, don't take my word for it since I'm not a legal expert.

As far as Tixati goes, I've been using it for more than a year, and found it to be the needed replacement for uTorrent/other popular bittorrent clients that are laced with adware/bloatware/crapware. It also has an impressive list-based IP filter that works seamlessly with the client itself.

PureVPN has a very long list of international servers, and has split tunneling, making torrenting + running a PLEX server on the same machine both possible and easy.

Deluge is open source and doesn't have the crapware that both uTorrent and Bittorrent contain.

Vuze is good and works with my PIA. You can bind the pia ip to vuze to only download thru the vpn.

I've been using TorGuard for about a year now, I've been pretty happy with it. As for torrent clients I've tried a bunch but I can't find anything that works as well as utorrent.

Q-Bittorrent is also a good client.
It has the same interface as Utorrent, but without crappy ads or coin miners.