VPN - any suggestions

Hey guys really hoping for advice about what VPN I can use (trusted). Nothing for a business but wanted to know if you think the free OpenVPN is worth trying to setup on my server with FreeNAS. I'm looking for something I can access when I'm away from home to I cant have access to my home server running FreeNAS. Thank you, PS Logan; I saw the recent video with the whole issue about Pistol being hot or whatever. People are just jealous that you're cool and have a show and a beard and brain, also you have a really cool lady so they are just sad about their useless boners that they are broadcasting on chatroulette.

For just an insanely easy setup, I recommend using the untangle software, it can be run in a VM

Compared to the huge number of commands and steps with standard openvpn, the untangle simply automates those commands, and even generates its own custom installer which installs a preconfigured version of openvpn. It just works, and supports desktop and mobile devices.


link for the ISO http://www.untangle.com/store/get-untangle/

it requires you to make a free account with them, at which point you can install the openvpn module, then through a 100% gui setup, you can specify a user name, and it will do the rest


good setup video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1La4N_u6WN0


instead of the annoying and overcomplicated command line  method of transferring the client files, simply tick the remove management box, then log into it from a different machine that can download files, then simply download it to your PC and then transfer it to your device like you normally would.

cool thanks ill check it out