VPN a Netgear router?!?!

I have Netgear n600 router that can send a 5G signal and the whole sha-bang. Did some research and my conclusion is that I require another piece of hardware to enable a VPN access. I use wireless a floor away. Im usually gettting 38 ping ...between 20-25 down and 4 up with my ISP  "AT&T". With a west coast connection, I acquire a 90 ping and 75 down / 3.4 up.  I game on my PS4 often and mobile gaming. Do you guys think I should give up and buy this required hardware I need. Or find some backdoor. 


Are you trying to make the router connect to a VPN server so that all your devices are using it or are you trying to host your own VPN server on the router?

Also, what model and version (v?) is your router? I see several Netgear routers that run the N600.

Check DD-WRT's router database to see if your router is compatible with their firmware. They have some VPN services built into it. http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database