Volunteering/Interning at razetheworld

Hey Guys,

I've spent the first weeks of my summer looking for internships. I was sitting down at my computer and had an idea. The idea is a stretch but it would be amazing. I want to be able to intern or volunteer with the RTW crew. I live along the TN border and would love any opportunity to be able to work with the crew. I can do the annoying tedious jobs that y'all don't to do. ( Fixing the camera for Wendell ) 

Thank you guys for a small chance at a dream

this is something i dream of aswell, are there actuall positions? i have a background in metal work and could help wendel build his army of robots. @danelewis i challenge you to a duel over this position. our only allowed weapons are bannanas.

if you need any additional interns besides DaneLewis and fredrich nietze i would gladly volunteer

*Signs waiting list*

*loads Banana peel gun*

I am more of a person for building systems and anything around the studio but I am seriously willing to do this! I shouldn't be far away at all either

~creates rubberband prowered bannana gatling gun~ 


Woah. Stop right there, buddy. That's a little extreme. Tek Syndicate is only trying to take over the world, not destroy it.


Or maybe raze it a little...

but, in a way that we can rebuild it as the Tek utopian society. Full of Minecraft and wonders.


@beserker dont worry it will only fire bannanas at under 100fps so totally non lethal 


Totally non-lethal, and to protect our freedoms? And yet, you're the only one with a 'nana gun. 

I see what you're doing here! lol