Volume with headphones changes, becomes quiet - Windows 7

I’m using my Philips SPH9500S headphones and i’ve noticed that the maximum volume is undeniably lower at times. Why is this? And how can I change it? It’s incredibly irritating. It sound closer to 40% of the maximum i’m used to. Maybe even less!



I missed this one, whoops.

Anyways, I believe I had the same issue you’re having a few years ago.

Try a couple things

  • Use as basic a driver as possible (e.g. don’t use any bundled audio software aside from driver)
  • Go into your Sound settings > Communications Tab > “Do nothing when windows detects communications activity”
  • Go into your Sound settings > Playback Tab > Disable everything that you don’t use
  • Go into your Sound settings > Playback Tab > Headphones Properties > Enhancements Tab > Disable all enhancements
  • Go into your Sound settings > Playback Tab > Headphones Properties > Advanced Tab > Uncheck “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”

Yeah, done that before and it produces an even worse effect. They seem a little quieter now, too. But holy phuq is it annoying! Not sure why this is a thing.

As far as drivers go, what can I do to check and see if i’m using my standard mobo drivers? I think it’s just the basic, typical Realtek crap that any mobo has. Nothing else I added.

Headphones are still not quite as loud as i’d like them on max volume. Annoying AF.

Maybe get a dedicated DAC/Amp to circumvent your onboard sound chip?

Also maybe a damaged driver. Had a similar issue with my AKG K712 where after some time the volume would go quieter until I had no sound on the right side (it was a defective driver and AKG repaired it).