Volume gone after reboot freenas

I had just re-configured my storage on my freenas and added a pair of 4tb disks in a mirror configuration the other day. I transferred ~2 tb of movies, linked my plex library and was happily plugging along. Today I was troubleshooting an issue with my plex server and rebooted the nas to see if the problem would resolve itself that way. My Mirrored volume is gone. the disks are still shown in the disk manager.

Other changes I made like turning my 2tb x2 mirror into a raid z1 pool are still there, but my entire movie array is gone. I'm hopeful that since the disks were in mirror that they still have the data and just need to be re-imported somehow into freenas, but I'm in past my comfort zone and don't want to make a mistake and wipe my data.

What do I do?


I'm not sure why it was gone on reboot, however I was able to re-import the volume from the Freenas volume manager by selecting import volume. I had to manually re-create the shares but everything looks like it's back in place.