Volume can't be lowered in Ubuntu? PulseAudio Issue maybe?

I'm trying to setup my recording stuff in ubuntu using KxStudio and wine. All of that went fine, everything is installed at working very very well. However When I turn off Cadence so I can use my system audio instead of my interface (to watch videos or something rather than record music) I have volume but I cannot lower it or raise it, the icon change and everything but even at zero when it looks like it would be muted it's still on 100 percent.

Could it be something with wineASIO and Pulse?

I'm using Ubuntu MATE 16.04 if that helps at all, thanks.

Uninstall reinstall anything that says pulseaudio in it.

I tried to do:

sudo apt install pulseaudio --reinstall pulseaudio

and I did so with a few other commands like pulseaudio-module-x11, is that akin to uninstalling and installing? I'm not new to linux but I've never used it for more than writing some code and general use. So I'm getting lost in a lot of the config stuff.

sudo apt-get remove pluseaudio && sudo apt-get install pulseaudio

If it bitches about other packages being in the way then rmove them as well and reinstall all of them. I use arch so its an easy fix here not sure about ubuntu anymore. Haven't had to deal with that since 10.10.

Ok I'll look and see, thanks!

How about just sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio and be done with it..

as far as I know I need it for KxStudio and Jack

pulseaudio is used in ubuntu to handle stuff like sound as a frontend to alsa