Hey Oc forum,


As I delve deeper into this OC adventure I am learning so much at a rapid pace.

I figured out how to get me CPU oc and to work with speed step. It was all about setting the C-states.

I have went up to 4.3g but as my learning curve I settled in on a 4.0g for now.

This way, everything is just at the top of its comfort zone.

to begin here is the rig details needed for my questions:

Mobo: sabertooth x79 asus

Cpu: 3930k

Ram Ripjawz z 1600mhz 64gigs.

bios, up to date.

tests. occt, prime 95.

monitors: many, the ai suite, HWiNfo and HWmonitor, cpuz.

they do not run at the same time, though i cant seem to uninstall the ai suite.

The question:

voltages, mainly the offset for vcore.

it seems to work but yet it does not.

I can set an offset and reboot and all my monitors will show the updated vcore voltage. however when i run a test and watch HWinfo. the per core voltage never gets adjusted. under stress test no matter what my offset is each core is always at 1.341volts. while the vcore will reflect my offset. 

i noticed this because i wanted to decrease the voltage to run better thermals however i cant seem to get the cpu to use my offset. i have set the LLC to 0. I have not adjusted the vccsa or the vtt. plus i have disabled the PLLover voltage.

i cant get the cpu to stop with the 1.341volts under stress. when idle or just goofin if adjusts just fine.

am I missing a setting in the bios? or is this just the way it is? i have made some pretty large offsets but stopped because if i understand correctly less voltage=more current. so to not fry things my largest offset was -.030.

i was trying to find my unstable point but however it never happens because my cores always get 1.341volts under stress.

i was able to crash the system when going manual voltage. i punched in 1.15volts and posted but wiped out in windows. other than that on the offset voltage i cant find instability or find the setting to stop the cores getting 1.341 volts.


any help or experience is welcome.


thank you in advance



thru further research i have noticed what i missed i was seeing the VID. Which is a requested voltage while the v core is the actual voltage being delivered.

one dragon slayed, the next is finding a hardware monitor that displays all my voltages and then naming those voltages. OCCT shows vin0,1,4,6. but i dont know what they are. i have cpuz hardware monitor adn hwinfo, plus the ai suit ii. but they all display the same results and not a full list of my volts. just 12,5,3,vcore and grahics card.

do any of you out there have a sabertooth board and can tell me which ones are what. i thought vin0 was my vccsa but apparently its my graphics card.

i need to know because i should maintain deltas in voltage between the vcore, vccsa, vtt and vdimm.

any input would be nice.



whoo hoo.

4.0g on 1.168vcore.

i think thats pretty good. i am sure others have better.

i would like to find a way to monitor my other voltages. my motherboard does not seem to send the vccsa and vtt voltages out to the os monitors.

so in order to preserve the delta of vccsa to vcore of .3v i have to set it at manual.870v and then to preserve the .6v delta of vccsa to vdimm i run it at 1.475v.

i really want my vccsa to be able to scale up and down like the vcore but with out being able to monitor it outside of bios i worry i can not set the offset to achieve the delta. unless they scale at a 1:1 rate then i could set the delta by looking at the bios voltage.

anyone know if vcore and vccsa scale in a similar fashion to each other, or is vccsa voltage dependant on the load on the ram?




no body cares about over clocking. that makes me a saaad panda.

final stats:

clock: 4.0g with stepping

vcore. 1.168 max. achieved thru a -.110 offset

vccsa: .868v manual, still looking for a way to figure out an offset for this.

vtt: 1.05. i cant lower it anymore

pll: 1.51250

vdimm: 1.468v

stable as Mabel.

i ran occt with 90%memory load for 8+hours. i felt that is good enough. some people say minimum 12 or 24. for me if it doesnt crash in the first 30mins its good enough for me.

the cpu temp as reported in your asus software topped out at 45c and the highest core temp was 60c.

so thats that for now. anyone able to share insights on setting an offset on vccsa with out having the ability to monitor it in os?