Voice Modulator?

I'm looking for a good voice modulator program or plugin that will work with Teamspeak and Ventrillo. Anyone know of a trustworthy place to get one?

I need it for speaking live VOIP, not just recording and playback.

do you want to extort? leak something?

No. I just have an image of anonymity to keep up with the LTT crowd, and they've started an LTT ventrillo server.

I know well and good that downloading a voice changer is likely to get you tracked by der furher''s minions, so I wouldn't be naive enough to do anything illegal or illicit with it.

don't join, the image of anonymity means nothing once you join/connect to such rtp software. It revels vital data to identify you, and tor won't protect you...

regardless, this is free and top result of google search.

I know. I just want to mess about with them. I already use TS for my gaming guild (True Sith of Exar Kun). I just wanna mess with their heads.

Edit: But is that trustworthy? Just don't wanna go downloading a virus. Don't feel like calling up my anti-virus support line to get them to remove anything tonight.

looks ok. it has brought ssl certificate from godaddy, if the have virus you can follow legal suit after them easily.

I'll try it out. Someone on LTT just suggested it as well.

Oh direct download from the website? I like that. Easier than downloading TS or Vent.

its aspx based site, download is hidden.

url i gave you is in front of download .

this one is free "http://www.screamingbee.com/product/MorphVOXJunior.aspx"

That's what I'm downloading.