VMware/Virtualization guide

I dont know how much logan works with this kind of sortware, so this question is mainly directed to Wendell and Quain. 

Can any of you guys make some sort fo beginners guide for VMware? i'm really tired of VirtualBox and heard of this other software is much better. If you cant(or just dont want to) provide me some links of some easy guides that you encountered.


Greetings and sorry for my bad english(i'm from Uruguay, is no excuse but i'm working on it)



VMware is meh Xen, and KVM are more often used in large scale deployments. Plus Xen is used by Citrix and is commonly seen is small business. VMware ESXI is gimped by being close source. 

Make sure you have virtualization turned on in the bios if you have that option. AMD usually does, Intel it usually it is cherry picked on which cpus it has the option or not.

After creating the booting up the vm, install vmware tools. For linux do it through the shell. Windows it will show up as a virtual dvd/cd.

Try to not run programs in the background while having the vmware running with a OS.

Vm-ware is much better then virtualbox, But the way it works is roughly the same. vm-ware has a bit more feutures to offer, especialy with the vm-ware tools, and OS unlocker. to make it possible to install mac osx on vmware.

So i dont know what you wanne do with vm-ware exactly? and what is your main os and system specs?

But mainaly, setting up a virtual machine in vm-ware, is roughly the same, as in virtualbox.

i will look for if i can find some starter guids somewhere.


Thanks you Mistery Angel, you save me once more(only said it for drama).

Thanks to all who answered, lessershoe i started looking into Xen and wolfofthepast thanks for the advice :).