VM's to run at home

Hello people,

What would you recommend would be useful home servers. I want to use my recently replaced PC as a little home server, once I take the GPU out, it won’t use to much power. I was thinking of a type 1 hypervisor and a vm for pfsense. What other things are useful? I just want a project to work on really.

pfsense, samba, gitolite, plex/emby/subsonic, …

basically, you put pfsense in one VM, linux in the other, inside linux you install docker, and run things in containers in docker, you could also add another linux vm as your workstation… that’s kind of a typical setup.


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Another really simple homeserver to setup is freenas - it’s primary usage is for storage (hence the name) but since it is running FreeBSD you can also run stuff in Jails or VM’s too.

Setup imaging servers, FTP and Apache. Pretty cool in practice, especially with Kickstart or another automation tool.

File servers, you can use a platform like NextCloud or OwnCloud or use your own method. VPNs are always cool too, you can do that with pfSense.

Good luck trying to get pfsense to work in a VM, even Hyper-V. Tried for months never worked right.

I have a good solution and run for 6 months now

What is your good solution to run Pfsence on a virtual machine?

2 ways:
1 run pfsence on the host linux (must use bridge)
2 run a tiny linux without desktop,openwrt or ubuntu-server some.

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  • UniFi Cloud Controller // Truly provision-able networking.
  • UniFi Video (hub) // This is interesting as you’d want to write data to Surveillance drives; not sure I’d want to kill a ZFS box with such load. It makes for a great use-case for PCIe pass-through.

Right now I’m running a Pentium G4600 + Asus Z270 Prime-A setup + 2x 4TB WD Purple drives for this purpose; if I can get IOMMU working, at some point, I’d prefer to virtualise it as well.

ESXi, Hyper-V, or KVM VM

Modem -> Port 1/eth0/pfSense WAN
Port 2/eth1/pfSense LAN -> Switch
Switch -> APs and other computers

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What did you experience? Im currently running my PFsense in a Win 8.1 Pro Hyper V instance fine?

A lot of stability issues, never getting above 100-150mbs, then I asked Qain and he said it’s not worth the trouble.

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YUNOHOST would be a nice one stop solution to self hosted web apps.


I wouldn’t do email on it though.