VM's in windows?

so I don’t actually know anything about VM’s in windows, but I’m tired of not having my apps on my main machine. I want to run a linux VM to do desktop shit on. I want to install my apps to it and do pretty much everything from the VM except game.

Vmware and ubuntu. Vmware has a easy install function for ubuntu. You can spin up a new ubuntu vm in a matter of minutes.


It is available on both windows and linux so you can also use it on your linux machines. It is also open source(mostly) which is a plus, and has all of the features you should need.


VirtualBox or Hyper-V (if Win10 Pro) are the free solutions. Vmware Workstation player/pro is another option but is also pricey

I use hyper-v with Ubuntu and the remote desktop thingy has really good performance.

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Vmware workstation player is free for home/private use.


Virtualbox with seamless mode.

It’s not perfect but it beats using VMware without unity mode. Unless of course you hate Oracle and won’t use their software because they kicked your dog or something.

Ah ok. I couldn’t remember if player had the 30 day trial like pro does (I use pro for work)

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