VM-Ware VFIO RX 5600XT-Ubuntu running in VMware with RX 5600XT

Hi Everyone!

Running into an issue where my ubuntu VM isn’t using the discrete GPU I passed to it from VFIO via VMWare.

LSPCI does display the card as a VGA adapter, but steam and ubuntu itself don’t seem to be grabbing It.

I’m trying to have this be a headless steam machine.

Help me Level 1 Techs Kenobi! You’re my only hope!

5600XT just dropped and even the 5500XT is limited rn. As well, you’re gunna want to run at least 19.04.

Alright, will pull down 19.04.

Otherwise, any idea how to force it to use the card?

Wait for 5.6?

Unsure otherwise for the moment. 5.5 just dropped, 6 isn’t far behind.

Keep an eye on my AMDGPU thread. I’ll post when support is out.

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Watching the thread!

Any idea what the typical lead time is? I spend a fair bit more time in the BSD world than linux, so not sure of the typical pacing in linux/debian

Not sure TBH never really tracked kernel releases except 4.7 when AMDGPU was introduced.

Would it be a kernel update to enable the card? Or just a driver push to the git?

You’d need the newer kernel to get immediate support, though support will likely be backported later, as with other cards and kernels.

Just gunna correct myself here. You just need a newer iso. 1804 won’t get support for a bit.