VM Passthrough procedure for PC running Debian Jessie, GTX 960, and virtual box

In response to Wendell's video of VGA pass through on Linux


This is my first time posting. I have just done a PC build, and I am
trying to do this pass through so i can run my engineering apps, AutoCAD,
Solidworks, Allen Bradley Automation.
I have an
i5 -4690k 3.5 LGA1150
ASUS Z97-A DDR3 2600 MB

i am running Debian Jessie 8.2 with Gnome, and the newest version of virtual box.
Can i have a step by step guide cause There is just so many things to scour
through. I really want to do this and i have the skill and help but
having just one packet of info for my situation would be a great way to
get me started.


What are you trying to pass through? GPUs can't be passed through Virtualbox you will have to use Xen or KVM.

I take it you do automation work with the allen bradley software. Solidworks for PLC cabinet design?

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But Wendell did the pass through using VirtualBox.

He used KVM you can do NIC and usb with Virtualbox.

can KVM run on Debbian?

Kernel Virtual Machine is built into the Linux kernel. Yes it can.

See now all I need is a procedure.

Look up gpu passthrough on the debian wiki.

I'd be interested in hearing if you got this to work. I played around with the idea of doing a GPU passthrough a couple months back but I was also trying unsuccessfully to do so through VirtualBox. I might give KVM a shot soon.

I believe it was puget systems which has a quite good guide of how to. They use Qemu as the VM, It worked somewhat for me, but be prepared for Nvidia being absolute dick holes when it comes the implementation of their drivers in your OS.
Basically i had an APU, and it worked "somewhat" well with that as the passthrough hardware(Basically you dont wanna run a on chip gpu for this), but the NVidia GPU simply wouldn't release.
And anytime i tried any solution it just threw me into an emergency console on reboot, albeit i used ubuntu to try it out.
You won't get it running through Virtual box, they kind of use a different technology for passthrough of hardware, kind of just redirecting it into a VM, not really releasing it from the OS, and allow access to the "shared" memory addresses.