VM over IP with IO forwarding

I am looking to run multiple virtual machines with some sort of KVM over IP solution on my dual E5645 xeon system (I'm also running 48gb reg. ECC DDR3 if that matters). I want to be able to run at least 6 OS instances each with access to different IO passed through the motherboard (supermicro X8DAH+-F if that matters) using VT-X (NIC, GPU for acceleration in folding and other apps not display outputs, RAID card etc...). I also want some comprehensive solution to monitor each VM individually either with an in-OS console/monitoring protocol or some other software I can install to get remote access to each VM (GUI preferred) . What would be the best solution for this? I am predisposed for host OS to be linux-based as I am more familiar with that.


  1. solution to host 6+ VM's

  2. Forward PCIe IO, NIC, SATA, etc... with VT-X

  3. Monitor each VM over IP with some sort of GUI (lower latency the better)

Thanks :D

You should be able do that with KVM/QEMU. You can use virt-manager to access/configure/monitor the VMs remotely via SSH. Just install virt-manager on the client machine and connect to the server using your SSH credentials. You could also give proxmox a go if you'd prefer a webui.

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I'm very new to a lot of this server oriented stuff; does SSH support GUI over IP? I know I'm being a massive scrub using GUI but gnome is super nice. Web interface sounds nice to; not super familiar with that either... thanks for the help though :D

I mean that the GUI (virt-manager) connects to the server via SSH. So you just need to have SSH enabled on the server for it to connect, you don't have to use the command line.

This is what mine looks likes, it's hard to see because of my colour theme but it's connected to two servers with a bunch of VMs

Proxmox might be an easier all-in-one solution though, but this is what I use.

dang that looks amazing

thanks for the info :D I guess I know what I'll be working on tomorrow lol

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