VM compatible multiplayer games

What are some decent multiplayer games with a healthy playerbase that don’t throw a fit if you run them in a virtualized environment, either in a type-1 or type-2 hypervisor?

Most multiplayer games on Steam won’t launch if you run them in a VM, same with Epic Games. Simply having vmware open and trying to run multiplayer games on the host is also known to cause issues.

Without any silly workarounds or hardware spoofing, what worthwhile games can be enjoyed by multiple users run on a single system via VMs?

Guessing anything on GoG thats DRM free? (Dont quote me on that)

Teeworlds should work.

So far I’ve run Elite Dangerous (Steam) and C&C Ra2 in a KVM VM, with dedicated GPU. No issues. I’ve also run the Halflife 2 demo (forget what its called, in Steam) but did not multiplayer.