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VLOG: Linux Gaming Experiments Update: Manjaro as a Gaming OS? | Level One Techs


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Every few months or so I peruse the Steam hardware/software survey stats to see if I can see any interesting trends.
Here’s the OS Version listing for March 2019:
The last time I checked was Nov/Dec last year. This is the first time I’ve seen Manjaro listed there. I guess they’re doing something right (at least, in terms of gaming with Steam).



My bets are on that people didn’t know about Manjaro before.



Well, Battleye is now outright banning VMs so VFIO will not be able to play PUBG anymore. VAC banned VMs and it looks like EAC is the only real option for VM compatibility. (Unless that changed recently too)

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Are the stats based on the Psudo-random hardware “survey” they offer? because that thing is broken AF. I get the pop-up maybe once per 15-20 sessions on windows, but less than 1 in 100 on Ghanoo/linuckz



The usefulness of the Steam Hardware Survey has never really been about the absolute accuracy of the listed percentages. I mean, the company has only 300-ish employees, so I seriously doubt that they would have a real statistician on staff making sure everything is always as accurate as possible. Identifying trends is most of what the survey is good for.