VLC Crashing while trying to Play The Avengers

Alrighty, my cousin has contacted me about the problem in the title. I'm trying to figure it out, but I don't know what is causing the problem. She tried it in different pc's in her house and worked flawlessly. The laptop she has is a Dell Latitude D610 with Windows XP Pro SP3. Any suggestions?

it's not a blu-ray


Edit: It's an actuall DVD

might be something to do with xp possibly lacking hdcp

Do other DVDs play or is it just the avengers, you could try putting anyDVD on it maybe it has some strange copy protection that is screwing with it, also is VLC up to date

It's just with the avengers. and VLC is up to date. Never thought about the copy protection

Did she bought it? xD

Yes she did. Did I not say she had the actual dvd? LOL

put disk in and dont use the auto play, open VLC click the media buttong and tick the "no dvd menus" boxs, see if it helps

sounds like it's something wrong with the dvd.

burning failed !?`:S  trollololo


nah i have no idea  lol

Hey again, if i were u, i should have tryd KMplayer.

Love it and imo are much better then vlc.(comeing from a former vlc-user!)

Maybe try ripping it with Imgburn? As a last resort i guess...