VLAN on BS-XP2012

I am trying to set up a guest wifi network for my house that is on a separate network than my main network. My router is the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 which has many guides on how to set up a VLAN that i followed no problem. That is wired into the BS-XP2012 which i have 3 Unifi Ap’s that also have many guides as to what needs to be set for them to sent the vlan for.

I went to the VLAN settings screen named the vlan the same as the one i created in the Edgerouter (10) and tagged all 3 ports of the AP’s and the port that my router is attached to. Then followed one of the guides for the AP’s created a Guest wifi network and set it to VLAN 10. I can connect to the wifi network but for some reason i can not get out to the internet.

I would love some help setting this up if anyone has any ideas.


After undoing the Vlan on the switch and restarting the switch. I set the VLAN back up and it works perfectly. My only thought is that the switch got bound up because it hadn’t been reset in over a year.

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