Vlan can't ping default gateway

I am running a pfsense box as my firewall. I have set up the vlans and DHCP. I assigned the vlans to the ports on my Cisco 2950. I can pull DHCP address to device. I can ping PC to PC. I cannot ping default gateway. I have been at this for over 4+hrs and I have walked away to go randomly strangle npcs in Hitman. Please give me your thoughts. Only you can save NPCs.

dumb question, but is pfsense a member of the vlan where your gateway is?

The pfsense is the gateway. So I have my LAN as .120.1/24, Vlan 100 Data is 121.1/24. I can ping .2>.3 but cannot .3>.1

Do you firewall rules allow it?

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They are set to any

Do you have a gateway/route set up for traffic to that network?

It's showing .121.1.

You can't ping the gateway for you vlan or the gateway to the internet?

What's your IP schema for your VLAN and your management VLAN?

I thought all vlans connected to the LAN interface would be all set. I've watched a few videos and read more than a few forums. I followed all their examples just changing the IP address. I even factory reset my box. I'm just out of ideas on why.

For the Vlan. My LAN is 120.1/24, vlan 100 is 121.1/24, vlan 200 is 122.1/24, vlan 300 is 123.1/24.

My LAN is working just fine.

Okay. You need a route for each VLAN to connect to 120.1. So you need a route for 121,122,123 to connect to 120. Also you need a route for 121 to connect to 122 if you desire, etc.

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any good links on how to do that? I just feel like I'm fumbling around.

You can check what routes are set through diagnostics > routes

you can set routing in system > routing

I dont have a box in front of my to guide you but @Eden is probably on point. I can give you a quick rundown when I get home this evening.

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ok, so I want my apple tv(s) to be able to go to the internet and pull back what they need without being on my LAN. I followed along with this tutorial and still no joy. What am I doing wrong?

I honestly love all the help I have already gotten. I want to be able to use my equipment in my home. I have an old box that is my pfsense, 2-1841 routers, 1-24 port 2950, 4- 12 2950 and 2 48 port patch panels.... none currently being used as the main issue is between the keyboard and seat.

Right now I have it going from my pfsens box to an Apple wifi router.....

I can help you figure some stuff out later on. I'm really not much help unless I cna have my interface in front of me and give specific instructions... I don't work well from memory. I have that at home and I manage 3 different firewalls at work so it kinda runs together sometimes.

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So, ok. I'm still trying to troubleshoot, and I have come up with as long as I configure it all to be on VLAN 1 it all works. That's not what I want, but it's a start.

Can you post screenshots from your interfaces and firewall?