Vitamix or other blender

Do you have one ,Or what type do you have and why should I buy one. My son has a allergy to wheat we suspect,might help him get more nutrients into his body.

Vitamix, anything else is just trying to be one. Also skip any digital readout one and the thing will last 20 years easy.

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One other thing you can make soup in them and it actually spins so fast you can cook the soup. No joke, they are amazing get it, you'll love it.

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Thanks for the tip, on the digital readout.

I know I probably do not have to say this, but make sure you take him to a doctor and actually get it diagnosed.

I had a friend who's parents assumed he was lactose intolerant and it turned out he had some really weird disease that the doctors were able to treat without much issue at all.

Also....wheat doesn't really have any nutritional value. If he likes rice, then you are pretty much set.

Another thing to consider is that if your kid likes the ingredients going into a smoothie, then chances are that he will enjoy eating the individual components on their own. Its better that he eats whole fruits and vegetables because anything fibrous is going to help offset the lack of grains in the diet.

So if you get a blender, do a few things.

1: Get a blender because its a blender. Everyone is going to need a blender at some point. I would avoid getting a vita what ever because you are going to pay extra money for a fancy ad campaign.

2: Get a good blender, and then take the rest of the money and spend it on a rice cooker or other cooking instruments.

IDK what the right answer is. But spending more than 100 bucks on a blender is probably the worst choice you could make. Hamilton makes awesome blenders.

My mom has a hamilton blender that she literally bought before I was born (more than 25 years) and it still works great. She had to replace a gasket at 20 years, but I think that is acceptable lol.

This is all you will need. Fuck power. Its a fucking blender. It has 1 job. You are not trying to blend a brick. And its 40 bucks.

Take the rest of that stupid vitamix crap and go buy an entire new kitchen set.


My wife and I use a blender daily, we were replacing them one - two a year. We would make smoothies and blend ice etc. We finally spent the large cost on the vitamix, that was 3 years ago we have never had an issue since. It has paid for itself, since we use it daily.

if you are not going to use it daily there is a very real chance that a vita mix isnt worth it for you but it will never wear out. There is a reason they use them in smoothie stores like booster juice.

I used to work at Black & Decker designing terrible blenders. B&D products look great (my job) but they wear out quickly. The joke was "When the blade gets dull on a Black & Decker product, just toss the whole thing." The ones that were the gold standard of quality that our engineers aspired to were made by Cuisinart. They probably never bothered with testing Vitamix blenders because they are in a whole other league. Plus, comparing our $30 blender to a $300 blender would be dumb.

The best Cuisinart costs about the same as the least expensive Vitamix.

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The eating the whole fruit or veggie thing was for juicers, when you make smoothies in blender you use the whole fruit.. skin and all.. usually actually more than someone would eat without so this doesn't make sense to bring up here. I often here people talking about fiber loss when talking about blenders, this is 100% incorrect.

Juicers are worse, yes. But blenders are not far behind. You are still obliterating the fibers.

And I am sure in the average case where you can still eat grains it would not be a problem. But if you are trying to directly replace grains with fruit/vegetables, then smoothies are probably not a great idea.

Damn that must have been an interesting job. It probably made you sad at times, but it must have been interesting to see the internals of a company like that.

'Office Space' was an interesting movie too. B&D was the only time I worked in a big corporation. I loved my job (graphic designer in the industrial design dept. in charge of logos, color and quality control) and hated my boss. He thought of himself as the Steve Jobs of toaster ovens. One time he put the entire company on hold while he made me come up with 1500 logos for a hand mixer before he was happy. He told everybody else the reason the design was late was because "I" wasn't done yet. When marketing made him the boss, the entire design dept quit and I was the first new hire. He stole $5000 from the fresh out of college kid by erasing his name off a design and signing his name. Because "I'm the boss and I told him what to draw." Bastard.

Another funny thing was that even though we made coffeemakers and had tons of free ones lying around, we were not allowed to use them. Why not? Because they didn't want us to stain the carpets when they inevitably leaked all over the floor.

I eventually learned to love the mountain of paperwork, because it covered my ass.

I swear by commercial vitamixers with knob controls. My family has bought a total of 2 of them in the past 25 years the first one lasted 19 years, number 2 is 6 years old and still going strong. Yes they cost an arm and a leg upfront but damn do they last.

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What? Is there science behind this? What if a person just chewed their food a lot? should they not? This sounds really strange.

Vitamix is great, if its too expensive, Cuisinart is a good 2nd choice.

Any opinions on blendtec?

IIRC, Blendtec successfully sued Vitamix for copying one of their Jar designs. Supposedly Vitamix went straight to Starbucks and pitched the idea of the new “Wildside” Jar, costing Blendtec a 10y contract, even though Blendtec invented and patented the shape first.

Anyway, my parents have owned a Blendtec for the past 5+ years. Only con was the rubber seal wore down around a jar propeller, but was covered under warranty. Blender motor can still pulverize ice cubes like nobody’s business.

PS: I used to work for Starbucks way back when we used Blendtec blenders; those suckers made thousands of beverages and kept chugging. Once they were replaced with Vitamix, the problems began. Supposedly they made some ring out of plastic, causing premature wear on the motor. Consumer-grade parts in a commercial environment is sure to weather well…