Visual Novels

Does anyone else here read/play Visual Novels? A better question might be does anyone else here even know what a Visual Novel is? (P.S. Persons under the age of 18 *may* want to stray away from this thread)(P.P.S. Sorry if this is a double post, I don't know if the first went through)

Noone here reads that weeaboo shit [[Ceptme]]

I'm sort of a cheater because I have a simple grasp of Jyapanis as useless as it may be, so I don' thave to wait for people to take a year to translate shit.

I'm also a nitroplus fag, so if they've made it, I've probably read it.


Nice, I wish I knew more Japanese. I'm slowly learning though.

Nitroplus, that's Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head right? I haven't had the chance to read either yet (I'm sure they make more, I just can't think of any.) Kara no Shoujo is by far my favorite, it's by InnocentGray though.

Yeah they did those as well as Saya no Uta, Axanael, et cetera.

Monster Girl Quest, luka swag fo' life.

Katawa Shoujo is the only one I've read, pretty good for free

You should check out Narcissu. It's made by the same people and also free.

Isnt a visual novel just a movie? lol

Iv'e never understood why people like Anime and japanese stuff like that.... My younger brother loves it, I seriously dont understand why specially when your not japanese. Can someone explain why you like it?

Japanese things often have a distinct charm to them, whether its their use of puns (jappo's love those puns), the quality of animation. Other than that, I really just like the subject matter in a lot of them. Stuff like Dragon Ball (not Z) captures an essence of innocent adventuring and exploration, and it's just exciting to me. More or less, I just look at it as entertainment under a broad sense, I don't enjoy it because it is Japanese, I just enjoy it because it appeals to me. It's like the film Persepolis, it's not good because it's French, it's good because it's a well made picture with an interesting story and great directing.

BTW, VN's aren't movies, they are much more like interactive graphic novels.

Thanks, after how many times I have asked people this question (lots), you are the only person that has actually explained it other than "becasue its good" lol, cheers!

I never understood why people liked it but now I have an idea

Anyone that's told you "Hurr becuz iz gud" is a problem. I'm about as cynical as it gets, and to be honest I'm not a very "community friendly" individual when it comes to japanese things simply because like everything else, it's all suffering from the same shit.

Rarely will I find a show that's any good, as they generally take the path down either over cute or fill every shot they can with tits and pantyshots, and that's a trend that's started popping up [more than it used to] recently simply because people are running out of ideas.


TL;DR, it isn't any different than anything else western related, lately it's all been uninsipred garbage which is why I disdain my waste of time spent learning the language.

Japanese entertainment is *generally* more creative and more complex, especially as you get into the more mature genres and demographics like seinen.  Yes, Japanese entertainment does have its fair share of ecchi crap, but IMO the BEST of Anime/Manga/VN is much better than the BEST of western entertainment. I watch westren entertainment and all I can think is that it is made for people that don't want to think, they just want to come home from work and mindlessly enjoy the boob toob. Western shows are generally much higher budget, so the incentive to create a setting in which you can formulate endless sub-plots or fillers is very very high. Take all of those investigative shows for example. To each their own when it comes to entertainment, but I enjoy Japanese because of the former. Oh, and btw ->

What does everyone use to read/watch their visual novels? 


Answer do not have to be specific like pc, mobile, and tablet?

TabletPC or VNDS Compiler for Android.