Visual Basic help

I missed a day in class and I need some help figuring out how to take the input from a message box and assigning a value based on the input

for example: given a choice in meals, a user would input 'a' for one meal or 'b' for another

i cant figure out how to take that input and assign a value to it


I'm going to assume that you are probably looking for something like this:

After obtaining the input from the user you could use if/else logic or case logic to manipulate the value for whatever it is you need to do with it. 

I am sorry I can't help you; I do not do visual basic programming anymore ( not by choice)

There is a book called.

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 by Michael Halvorson and that helped me out a lot.

This is what worked for me.

My recommendations when it comes to programming classes are you cannot just go and read the book cover to cover and know everything inside it. You need to read the index of the book and outline the chapters. Look for key parts and learn why this object, variable, etc. works that way.

I ran into the problem where I would read the book 3-6 times (680 page book), and I would walk away doing all the exercises and still know nothing. The second I started taking the book apart and breaking it down it truly started to make more sense to me.

I am sure there are newer visual basic books out other than the 2008 one I recommended to you. Just that is the one I had the most success with.

Stick to it and do not panic if you keep on getting errors.

thanks guys! i got my code to work by making the choice either a 1 or a 2 instead of an a or a b. it was saying the errors were because it couldnt change the a or b value to a double from the string