Vista OEM

I'm going to be buying an OEM copy of Vista 64 bit home premium and was wondering if there's anything, in terms of buying an OEM OS, that I should be aware of? What I mean is, say my hardrive crahes and I loose everything. If I buy an OEM copy of Vista will Microsoft give me a hard time trying to get another verifcation code in order to complete my re-install of the OS?

Once you install an oem copy of an os on a PC, it cannot be installed on any other pc at all (even if removed off that PC), but you can install it on the same PC, though if you change your motherboard you need to use the phone activation and say you changed your mobo.

Ah....sweet. I was worried that if I went from a 780i to an icore 7 mobo that I'd have to get another OEM copy or something stupid like that. Looks like I'm going to stick w/ my DDR2 & get an XFX 780i & E8500. I'll make the jump to icore7 cpu/mobo & DDR3 when those things are more reasonably priced or when the whole overclocking fiasco has been figured out.

Also something u should noe is that, idk if its just canada, but last time i called for help with OEM Vista. They said they have to charge 10 bucks for service and regular copies are free of charge