Vista + 4gb Ram = BSOD

i just switched back to vista 64bit (legit). and when i use 4gb of ram i get the bsod

and the first thing that came to mind of "DEAD RAM"!!! but....both sticks work fine.

they can ONLY work alone or ill get a bsod... ive tryed all the other dimms but no solution.

they were working fine togeather when i was using windows 7 but now their not...i beleive it vista's falut but idk

ive only got 1 higher bios version i can upgrade to, so im wondering if any one knows a solution b4 i try upgrading my bios.

thx :)

that still sounds like some bad ram lol.. happened with my corsair 2x1gb sticks, but the thing is it happened with both xp and vista. worked fine when i had one stick of ram, but both of them would cause lockups and a continuous loop of restarts.. i bought 4gb of 2x2 gskill sticks and have given up on corsair when it comes to ram. (these are my replacements which are still duds)

Before trying to upgrade bios?! always have bios up to date.

Time to try some Kingston Valueram?

i really dont think they are dead cuz they were working fine togeather with windows 7 but now their not. and they both work great alone


i believe you should only update your bio if you NEED to. cuz if you update when ur current bio works fine and the updated vision has something wrong with it, then u just fucked your self over for just some more cpu support n shit.

and it seems i may NEED to update

ill pop them in my moms computer and see if they work and get back to u guys

[b]Yeah always have your shit up to date before analyzing a problem :)[/b]

RUN Memtest86 u have to burn it as an iso then boot from it, only have 1 ONE stick of ram in and text it, test it for all your sticks let it go through 7 cycles and if there are no errors then go to the next one. if there are errors then that stick of ram is bad.

32 or 64 bit?