Vishera Budget/Mid PC Build

Hey there, I've just gotten into the world of PC. Or... actually really just started caring because I'm finally going to get my own PC. I do alot of other things while I play a game so I thought about designing a desktop with that in mind. I saw the Vishera 8350 and started looking around on what people had to say about it and ran into razethew0rld's video and this forum.

I'd like a best bang for your buck mindset so if you know if anything that can perform just as well for less it'd be great or something that performs much better for slightly bit more then it'd be awesome too. I'm aiming for a Budget to midrange computer. Most of the items I've selected came from various videos on $500 - $700 gaming PC. I've had some customized to my likings such as the Vishera FX-8350 which is said to be great for its buck.

Here's my build so far.

CPU - Vishera FX-8350 - $199.99

Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 - $149.99

GPU - HIS IceQ RADEON 7870 - $219.99

PSU - Corsair CX600 $69.99

Hardrive - Seagate Barracuda 1TB - $79.99

RAM - G.Skill Value 8GB 240 - $0.00

Case - CoolerMasterm RC-932-KKN5-GP - $139.99

Total - $859.94 (all newegg prices)

Thank you. The rest is just my my thoughts but if you'd like to comment on them that'll be great.

Things that I'm thinking about cuting are the Case if possible. I still want a good full tower for future modding as I don't want to buy a brand new comp in the near future. 

I might cut the Hardrive to 500gb but I heard that it'll become alot slower so I'm skeptical. I'm also skeptical because the computer store near me says 1TB are about 30% chance of failure.

I heard alot about the Phenom II X4 Black Edition but I don't know enough to cut it and I do want the Vishera so it'd be great if I can get more information on that and the Vishera. 

I might up the GPU instead of cutting it like the rest.

I don't understand the point of the motherdrive... as in don't understand why some people use something less than $100 while others opt for something more than $150. Why?

Is that free Ram any good?

Sorry for such a long post. I stayed up so long trying to build that... I'm about to hit the bed soon so I won't but up too long. I have multiple days before I'm intent on buying though so I'll be here to comment. 

Again, thank you.

~Stay Kracie, like me!

I'd try to fit a better PSU on there though and roll with like an 80$ case.  Not a super big fan of the Titanium color, but I loooove this case.


The motherboard is the binding part of the computer. If you a cheap one, you might not access the full capabilities of your other components. The motherboard limits how many graphiics cards you can have, how much RAM you can have, and how much overclocking you can do. Spend at least $100 if you are buying new.

6core stock cooler 7950gpu a case that can fit the h220 or the h100

I went with the 6 core because the extra $ can be put into the gpu and that will give you the biggest fps boots.