Vishera at 4.3 Ghz prime 95 failure

I overclocked my vishera to 4.3 Ghz but 3 of the cores keep constantly failing in prime 95, the voltage is at 1.38V for the cpu and the NB is at 1.2 V, anyone help or do i just need to adjust the voltage down a bit?

uh, shouldnt you adjust it up?

Stop using prime95. Download AIDA64, install it and run the stability test that comes with it. If you still fail it's stability test after 30 minutes, raise your CPU voltage to 1.4125v and retest.

i guess it was super pi being outdated as usual, thanks man im hitting on a 4.4 overclock for right now, ill definitly use this to go higher in the future!

prime gave me errors at stock.... I don't trust it anymore

im touching on 4.65 ghz on 1.38 v havent had to increase the voltage yet! Although i will just to go higher

If you can get 5.0GHz with less than 1.5v stable on AIDA64's stability test for over an hour you have a Unicorn.

Currently I'm only at 4.5 ghz on my 8350 as temps get too high/unpredictable with a Kraken X60! Running 1.440v for 4.5 (1.35v stock). To even hit 4.8 needs ~1.5v, but I'm chalkin' some of that up to my sketchy Gigabyte UD3 (rev 1 or 1.1, can't remember).