Viscera Clean-Up Detail

Viscera Clean-Up Detail is a Janitor Simulator. It's an early-access game on steam. ($8) The main concept is to clean up all the blood and body parts from the level. You don't play the hero. The game is surprisingly solid. I do not have people to play with though. If anyone has this game and a server i could play on, please  send me a friend request on steam, it's the same as my username here, I would love to have someone help clean up this mess.           ( that's a joke)

I'll admit that I have played the spin-off, Viscera Clean-Up Detail: Santa's Rampage, where you clean up after Santa who went on a killing spree, killing all of his elves.

I got it cheap on a Steam sale and thought "why not", but I found myself laughing so much. To think you would enjoy a game about cleaning up? But I did. 

If I get time in the future, I'll add you, but don't currently have it.