Virus help

Pretty sure I've got a virus after downloading and installing some questionable software. However my SSD could've just shit the bed. 

Computer completely locks up anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes past login. In the off chance I can get to something in Chrome or IE to try to download something, nothing downloads. Works fine in safe mode. All restore points corrupted. Windows repair files corrupted. 

Things I've tried

Malware Bytes and Hitman Pro 3 both turned up nothing major... Just tracking cookies. 

Disabled all the non-microsoft startup programs

Reset Bios to default settings

Specs: Windows 8.1

Kingston SSD (main drive with OS) 

WD black (just games) 

WD blue (media and random programs) 

ROG Crosshair VI

Corsair 850 psu 

I5 cpu

Mushkin Redline Ram

Nvidia 780 gpu 

Haven't tried a fresh install because I no longer have the windows install disc or a disc drive. 



No longer works fine in safe mode... Crashes when trying to put it in safe mode. 

Hmm, bit odd, you could try "sfc /scannow" in cmd, there could be something corrupt in windows. this popped up... Also sfc froze at 19%.

Finally got it in safemode trying scan now... Got past 19%

Install the latest ai suite, sounds like its a driver issue.

At 22% it stopped.  "Windows resource protection could not preform the requested operation." 

Soooo do I need to flash my bios for that orrr...?

Select the OS, go to utilities, first one.

Appreciate the help but my ssd is no longer showing up in bios and isn't recognized when booting.

ooo... that doesn't sound to good for your ssd. You could try and get a usb bootable drive with linux on it, boot from it and then use a drive diagnostic tool to see if your ssd is failing. At this point, I would say it is, but its worth a try.