Virtualizing an existing OS

ahh, ok. thanks for the clarification.

Couldn’t @Sp3cter just download Windows 10 ISO from the Microsoft web site?

When I decided to give Windows 10 a try I followed the instructions in this video and it just worked. I have been running Windows 10 on a Virtual Machine for about 6 months, and haven’t had any problems with it not being activiated.

absolutely, you are 100% correct.
I totally forgot about it.

in fact yes you can get the win10 ISO and instal it.
it will run fine without activation too, BUT there are some small limitations and annoying little things here and there that may get on your nerves.

Ya I know it has some limitations like you can’t remove any of the included Windows apps, but if you had an activated version of Windows 10, Microsoft is going to force the reinstall of its apps anyway, so I don’t see running it as unactivated as a limitation. Can’t customize Windows 10 setting if it isn’t activated, and you have a watermark on the bottom right of your screen reminding you to activate Windows 10. In my humble opinion, these Limitations are worth it to me. The ability to have Windows 10 without having to pay for it has made it possible for me to run several experiments with virtualization, which if I had to purchase a license each time I ran an experiment would get very expensive real quick.