Virtualization: All screens lose signal after 30 minutes

Hi everyone,

Following scenario: I have built a new system with two GPUs to use GPU-passthrough. One of my three monitors is connected to the Host and the Guest GPU at the same time, so I can switch between my host system and the Guest (Windows 10). After starting the VM, every 30 minutes the monitors connected to the Host lose their signal, but the signal of the Guest is maintained. If I switch one of the host monitors off and on again, all host monitors get a signal again.

It’s 100% reproducible, so it’s not random.

i have already exchanged the 1060 for a 1050ti, but that did not change anything.

Do any of you have any idea what it could be?

my setup :
Host CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X
Host GPU:Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
Guest GPU: AMD RX 570 4G
OS: Manjaro Cinnamon
Host Kernel version: 5.3
Host QEMU version: 4.1.0-5

Best regards

Please try AMD host gpu.
Also please fully describe the monitor setup (which monitors, which ports, which ports go to which gpu, etc).

However, maybe if you play a game in your guest and stop using the mouse input on the host the host tries to go to monitor power save mode so there is no point doing any elaborate troubleshooting yet. So just use caffeine-ng or turn off power save on host when gaming.

Oh man, I found my problem! After 30 minutes the host will turn off the monitors if there is no interaction.

Sometimes it’s that simple! I thought about it a lot and tried everything possible and then it was so easy. Thanks a lot for your help!

I have now set up my system so that it should not turn off the monitors at all.