Virtualbox Remote start VM on rdp request

currently i have a ubuntu 140.04 server host running virtualbox, right now on boot it starts clearOS and is my router/firewall.
id like to be able to add onto the virtual machines and have an auto booting VM thats starts on a RDP request, or something simple like that, that doesnt require me to remote into my host machine to start the VM so that i can remote into the guest OS

id also prefer if i didnt have to have the vm boot with the host hogging resorces when all im going to be using the vm for is the occasional test
ideally id like to have two guest ubuntu 14.04 desktop x64 that would be available for me when i need to remote in and do my homework or something.

the computer that im using is windows 10 and my father is trying to learn how to computer and asked for a virtual machine of his own(hits the two ubuntu desktops vms), hes running windows 7 so ideally id like to not have to add any extra software to these computers and just have the host know to boot the vm on a rdp request to a specific ip address

is this possible? or am i going to need to create a batch file that makes an ssh connections and boots the vm and opens rdp and connects on like a 30 delay?

all ideas are welcome looking forward to your responses!