Virtualbox on x370 gaming 5 with 1800x

So I am very new to virtualization, and am trying to get virtualbox up and running. It installed with no errors, but I am only getting options for 32 bit guests. I need to be able to run 64 bit guests obviously, but have reached noob frustration level 10.

I have looked on the googles, and looked throgh the forums at oracle and found that 2 things may be a problem, hyper-v enabled, and virtualization support disabled in BIOS/UEFI.
I checked to make sure that my hyper-v is turned off and it is. This was easy and makes sense that it needs to be turned off. I have been looking in the UEFI to find virtualization support to ensure that it is turned on but for the life of me I cannot find any settings that relate to virtualization support to enable or disable. one exception is iommu which i am fairly unfamiliar with but do not think this has to be enabled for simple virtual system support, I don't need to passthrough, i just want to use emulated hardware. Am I wrong in this assumption?

I have Ryzen x1800 on Aorus x370 Gaming 5
I am running bios F5C.
My Host OS is Win10 64 Pro.
I have Hyper-V turned off in windows features.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled virutalbox.

I'm not really looking for an easy answer, I don't mind looking for the answer myself, but I am having a bit of trouble though and wondered if any of you good people could either point me in the right direction, or possibly point me to where I might find a good answer.

You have to turn on SVM in the BIOS to use 64 bit VMs.
It was off by default on my MSI Titanium X370 so.

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wow thanks for the quick reply. I was looking for svm, one of the things in the forums over at oracle, but i cannot find the option in my uefi to enable it.

It'll be under the CPU features tabs not overclocking or any of those similar tabs.

Thanks, I will check again and see if I can find it. Again, I appreciate your quick reply.

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I am the local AMD guy :D

Issue Resolved :)

Okay, so i found it,

under the M.I.T tab (where all the overclocking happens)
under advanced cpu core settings
enabled svm and tested, works great. thanks for the help.

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