Virtualbox black screen with Lightdm and Cinnamon in Arch

I can't seem to get lightdm and Cinnamon to start up correctly. I can however get LXDE and LXDM to work, in VBox. I've tried enabling and disabling 3d acceleration, and I have the vbox-guest-utils installed. I'm pretty sure, I removed all of the NVidia drivers that I had installed initially in VirtualBox.

lightdm conf relevant bits:


Here's my Xorg.0.log.

On the host system I just have vboxdrv loaded, and on the guest vboxguest, vboxsf, vboxvideo are loaded. I'm on kernel version 4.3.3-2-ARCH for both guest and host.

I do have an Xorg.conf on the host machine, but not on the guest. Do I need to get rid of my Xorg.conf, on the host machine for the virtual machine to work correctly?

Warning: For Xorg to work in natively and in the virtual machine, since obviously it will be using different drivers, it is best if there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf, so Xorg will pick up everything it needs on the fly. However, if you really do need your own Xorg configuration, maybe is it worth to set your default systemd target to with systemctl isolate as root (more details at Systemd#Targets table and Systemd#Change current target). In that way, the graphical interface is disabled (i.e. Xorg is not launched) and after you logged in, you can startx} manually with a custom xorg.conf.

Is there anything else I might need to do to get Cinnamon working?

Well, I tossed all of my Xorg.conf files on the host machine in a zip file, and the guest machine still won't launch lightdm, and mint successfully. I just get a black screen with a mouse.

--Update got it working kind of. The screen starts out black, but if I hover over an element in lightdm's login and click; suddenly, images appear. Cinnamon works perfectly fine too.