VirtualBox 5.1 & SELinux, Fedora 24

USB device filters don't show because when SELinux=enforcing, it prevents from creating /etc/udev/rules.d

Set SELinux=disabled and everything works and the rules.d file gets written and stays after reboots.

I'd prefer to leave SELinux=enforcing and find a way to allow it to play well with

Anyone have ideas?

Are you using vbox from vboxs report or fedoras?

Not got anything to test but if you check seaudit or sealert should give you details to add an exception policy for vbox

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virtual box in fedora is still on 5.0.16.
(i just did a dnf update to check if it would change but keeps saying 5.0.16)

Why you want to play with Virtualbox?
Fedora has perfect alternatives with the virt-manager (needs to be installed separately since Fedora uses by default Gnome-boxes but this is a similar tool without configuration possibilities). that handles KVM/Qemu (this is also installed by default in Fedora). Else i would suggest using dnf install virtualbox or better play with docker thatch the latest fashion in virtualization.


Thanks Eden, I found a manual on SELinux.

RE: The Cable, I have a *.vmdk built in VB that I use and I don't want to change. As of now, if I have to run a script to access USB devices that's acceptable.

Eden - I have no idea what vboxs or fedoras means.
If you are asking what repository I'm using, it's rpmfusion, which works great. I don't consider the "problem" to be with VirtualBox or even Fedora, it's the security policy of SELinux. And I don't consider it a "problem" it's just the way security works.
However, finding out what was going on was a real pain in the neck.

Weird i only see 5.0.26 and i use rpmfusion.
So what rpmfusion are you using?
(as when this msg its posted the link said 5.0.26. (just saying because yesterday it was still 5.0.16)

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vbox = virtualbox

And yes, as @The_Cable says, virtualbox on rpmfusion is 5.0.26

Can you run the following and give us the link. dnf info VirtualBox VirtualBox-5.1 | fpaste

I think it's safe to say that I'm not running VB 5.0.26

[[email protected] bubba]# dnf info VirtualBox VirtualBox-5.1 | fpaste
Uploading (1.5KiB)... ->
[[email protected] bubba]#

I'm running VirtualBox 5.1.4 r110228 (Qt5.6.1)

The rpmfusion repository is

I found the VB installation procedure at:

Thank you