Virtual Workspace

I am working for a Human Resuorce company where 100% of the employees work in remote locations. Currently, we are using a service called BaseCamp as a virtual workspace where we can keep track of things like time, people, processes, and projects. It is proving to be inadequate.
I have started to look for an alternative that is something we can host ourselves on our webserver that is preferably open-source. So far, I found HubHub, but we are having trouble getting it to run on our server. I have found a different one that we are testing out to see if it will fit called feng, but I don’t think this is a very good fit for our needs.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a virtual workspace platform that can be installed on our webserver? perhaps?

That is certainly the right type of software I am looking for. Have you tried it?
I will give it a shot. We will have a ton of data to migrate to what ever new workspace is chosen, so I want to make the most well informed choice I can.
Thank You!