Virtual Super Resolution (and Nvidia equivalent)

So I installed the 15.7 Catalyst update today on my 7950 and have been playing around with Virtual Super Resolution (VSR). I honestly can't tell the difference between 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 (aside from text being smaller and blurrier). Maybe it's just my cheap AOC monitor, but I thought that VSR would at least make the image a little sharper. What about you guys? Can you tell the difference?

It depends on the game, old games you probably wouldn't notice, but newer games it shows. Witcher is a good one, but your FPS get's annihilated.

Tried it in BF4, and I didn't see any difference at all (Other than the FPS loss haha)

Is that a thing in the drivers? I didn't know Nvidia has that... can't find it.

If you have Nvidia

Oh, I see, thank you. I don't have a Maxwell GPU, haha, that would explain.

damn that sucks. the 7000 series, the R9-200 and the 300 series has support for VSR on the AMD side.

Turn off all of your anti aliasing and you will notice. Anti aliasing will blur it up so it looks like 1080p again