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Virtual Machine Or Dual Boot?


for undergrad normal APA and excel shouldnt* be an issue for most degree plans. however i wouldn’t try it for marketing.

I’m generalizing*


Are you referring to issues with bridging WiFi?

QEMU/KVM works fine for me on WiFi with NAT-based networking for the VM.


If you need a short term solution until you setup passthrough or VMs, I would get a second storage drive and have your Linux and Windows OS on separate drives. Make your Linux drive the primary boot device and make sure to hit F2 for boot selection. I do it with my desktop all the time.

Assuming your laptop supports 2 drives(most should support a m.2 and sata drives)

If it is not feasible to install a second drive, considet installing Windows on to a flash drive. If you need something more reliable than a flash drive you can do what Linus did and get a NVMe drive enclosure and boot into bios every time you need Windows


Until you say, get some instructions for your course based on excel, or a document in excel with formulae or formatting or whatever that doesn’t work.

It’s not worth the screwing around.

If you need to interact with office users for education, any time spent screwing around trying to work around compatibility issues is detracting from time spent learning…