Virtual machine migration?

Using Fedora 25 with Zfs and need to migrate my 2 ubuntu vm's and windows VM from qcow to raw. I read an article stating that their is a performance loss and really no need to run qcow2 and zfs since they are both copy on write. Someone correct me if I am wrong with this.
I tried to use clone VM but that just does what it says and clones the VM.
What are some of my options to "clone" this system but to a new disk format?
Would dd command work and then setup a blank VM and dd on to that virtual disk?

I have googled this multiple times and I feel I am usually pretty decent at finding my answer. No one here has a link or even a comment of that I am not looking in right place or something.
I basically do not want to have to reinstall vm but need to change disk format from qcow2 to raw for my existing VMs.

Well apparently in my googling I missed this. Hope it helps someone somehow but I guess I could have same some space on the forums.

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