Virtual Mac osx captain help!

ok so i have basically every mac os x version since lion when i got my imac 21.5" in 2012. and since my dad uses it. i wonder if i can use a copy of the OS i own to run captain on my windows pc via virtual system so i can gain access to photoshop and final cut pro which i own.

reason for this is my desktop pc is powerful and was made so i can do work like this without logging onto my old imac and edit and render stuff on that old system [ base specs nothing fancy ]

can i get some tips on this guys?

Yes, you can run el capitan in a virtual machine, but it takes a lot of time and energy to get it to work.

Depending on what specs your machine has, I would recommend you look into installing capitan on your computer directly.

Look up hackintosh.

ive tried hackintosh a long time ago back in 2012 :).

i have a z170A build with a gtx 1080.