Virtual GPU

I was just wondering if there are any guides on setting up virtual GPU for running a windows virtual machine on Linux. I have a r7 1700, and a rx480 if that makes any difference.

I think what you are trying to do is setup a KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) You are asking this in the wrong area the hardware posting area would be a better place to ask this question. I will tell you it isn't an easy task, and @wendell only got it working sort of. There is a video of @wendell talking about this very topic and how well he was able to get it to work on the Ryzen chips.

Here is the Video I am talking about.

Sorry about putting this in the wrong place. That vid is about pcie passthrough, I am looking for info about using the virtual gpu feature added in kernel 4.10 which alllows both the host and the guest to share the gpu.

No harm done I was just pointing out you might get a better response if you had posted your question in the hardware section , but I see what you are looking for now, unfortunately I don't know anything about that subject, in fact I thought it was impossible.

I 'think' that virtual GPU only works with intel integrated graphics, though Radeon is being worked on. If I 'm wrong please someone correct me.

It only recently came out as a feature in kernel 4.10, which is only used as the default in Ubuntu 17.04. @wendell mentioned it a few times in some of the L1 News.

You could be right, I am just asking questions. That would suck though cause I don't own an Intel CPU new enough to even support Virtualization let own this new virtual gpu tech.

If you want to see some guides now, the Arch wiki likely has something about it. Arch is using 4.10 at the moment.

Did a quick search of the Arch Wiki and couldn't find it.

Does that help?

So the answer to the original questions seems to be no, at least that is what I gather from the above link. To bad, I was hoping GPU virtualization would work on AMD chips sets, it would allow me to completely which from Intel to AMD.

It's my understanding that this feature won't be usable at least for the masses until later this summer, it was originally suppose to be a feature in June but I believe that was pushed back, you can bet as soon as it's ready @wendell and crew will produce a vid on the topic.