Virtual Box Passing through a touch screen and wacom stylus lenovo yoga

So after years of dual booting windows 10 has finally pissed me off enough that I am ready to go full linux, I set up a xubuntu install on my desktop and between wine and a virtual machine with windows 10 I am able to run all my software. However I have a lenovo thinkpad yoga 14 (20fy) that I use as a school laptop, I regularly take notes with the included wacom stylus in onenote 2016, onenote obviusly doesn’t run on linux and even if it did there are no drivers available for my wacom stylus and while my touch screen kind of works it is not nearly as usable as on windows 10. So what I want to do is passthrough the touchscreen and stylus hardware into the VM so I can run them with the native windows drivers and contuine to use onenote. Is this possible, I currently have the laptop dual booted with manjaro and windows 10 so any info that I can extract from either of those I would be happy to provide. Thanks!

onenote can’t run on linux , you can have a try with Xournal++ note taking software which compatible with linux os.
I would second Xournal++ as a fantastic program. I use it all the time for my school and my personal work. Xournal++ works great with a pen tablet. I use my XP-Pen star g640 drawing tablet constantly throughout the day . It is a huge improvement over trying to write or draw with a mouse.

I wonder if you solved the problem. I have a very similar situation (except where you say “onenote” I have Drawboard): I would like to install Linux as the only OS on a Surface Go 2 (that currently has Windows in it), but I annotate PDFs with the stylus using Drawboard PDF, which does not run on linux. Thanks!