Virt-Manger won't capture windows key

I installed Windows 10 using Virt-Manger but when i am in full screen and i press the windows key it opens the start menu on my host which is MX Linux. Any idea why this is happening?

You need to passthrough the USB and the attached keyboard to the VM. This may mean you need another separate keyboard for your VM.

How to do that? In “Keyboard” section in virtual machine details i don’t see option to pass through usb. I have external keyboard connected via usb to my laptop, but if i press windows key on the laptop and on the external keyboard they both open the start menu on my host machine.

Also, other keys seems to work fine inside the virtual machine. The problem seems to be only with the windows key.

You could do always swap the MOD key on Linux to ALT or something and then see if that works… it’s a quick and simple workaround

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Yes, but i am used with the meta key and prefer not to change it. Meta key is captured in Virtualbox and VMware machines, i don’t know why this is not the case with kvm machines. Qemu/kvm is suppose to be more powerful.